Welcome to Sat.is' Beta Testnet!

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One request will grant you test tokens and gas for testnet on:
Polygon and Avalanche.

We will also give you test tokens on Optimism and OKC.
However, you will have to obtain gas through third party faucets and/or bridge to L2 by yourself.

For Ethereum Goerli, Arbitrum, Boba, BNB, you will have to obtain gas by yourself.
Links to the test token faucets are given below. You can obtain tokens after obtaining gas.

Procedure to obtain test tokens

1. Send a public Tweet with the format below:
(replace 0xABCDEFGH with your real wallet address)

Try out @SatisDex Beta testnet now!
Sat.is is the FIRST multichain order book DEX that is designed for the interoperable future!

2. Paste the Tweet's Link in the box at the bottom of the page.
Example link: https://twitter.com/user_account/status/1438745496596606981

3.1 Transfer of Test Tokens and Gas might take up to 1 minute.
(T tokens are the test USDT tokens, and C tokens are the test USDC tokens)
Your Ethereum Address and our Transaction Hashes should pop up at the bottom of this page.
Note: Error message for certain networks might pop up if the corresponding testnet(s) is(are) having some issues.

3.2 Get Goerli test tokens (particularly Ethereum Goerli) here if you want them:

4. Proceed to Trade!
Satis Beta testnet

5. You may also want to add our test tokens so your wallet will display them:

Ethereum Goerli T7 (USDT): 0x6BABFBA7200f683c267ce892C94e1e110Df390c7
Ethereum Goerli C7 (USDC): 0x32dBd8db20Bfe5506104119EdCC89bc3D8C5c3Ee
Goerli test tokens faucet: https://faucet-beta.sat.is/goerli/
Goerli gas faucet: https://goerlifaucet.com Goerli gas (PoW) faucet: https://goerli-faucet.pk910.de

Arbitrum Icon

Arbitrum Goerli T7 (USDT): 0x539A7296Ba53dC1Ecbe7e97Dd6f790D1569a5fbB
Arbitrum Goerli C7 (USDC): 0xc77E204aCf9B514eAebA6Db02b9C8cc7dc181E2A
Arbitrum test tokens faucet: https://faucet-beta.sat.is/arbitrum
Arbitrum Goerli Bridge: https://bridge.arbitrum.io/

Polygon Icon
Polygon T7 (USDT): 0x3cF1D84e96E97dA5A04F4F25EBC49755562c4B52
Polygon C7 (USDC): 0xf230a33421BC0a23aaA1Ec54A84d78594577b87A

Avalanche Icon

Avalanche T7 (USDT): 0x539A7296Ba53dC1Ecbe7e97Dd6f790D1569a5fbB
Avalanche C7 (USDC): 0xc77E204aCf9B514eAebA6Db02b9C8cc7dc181E2A

Boba Icon

Boba Goerli T7 (USDT): 0x539A7296Ba53dC1Ecbe7e97Dd6f790D1569a5fbB
Boba Goerli C7 (USDC): 0xc77E204aCf9B514eAebA6Db02b9C8cc7dc181E2A
Boba test tokens faucet: https://faucet-beta.sat.is/boba
Boba Goerli Bridge: https://gateway.goerli.boba.network/wallet

Optimism Icon

Optimism Goerli T7 (USDT): 0x539A7296Ba53dC1Ecbe7e97Dd6f790D1569a5fbB
Optimism Goerli C7 (USDC): 0xc77E204aCf9B514eAebA6Db02b9C8cc7dc181E2A
Optimism Bridge (Switch to Goerli testnet): https://app.optimism.io/bridge/deposit

OKC Icon

OKC T7 (USDT): 0x539A7296Ba53dC1Ecbe7e97Dd6f790D1569a5fbB
OKC C7 (USDC): 0xc77E204aCf9B514eAebA6Db02b9C8cc7dc181E2A
OKC gas faucet: https://discord.gg/B5nMs6qK5F

BNB Icon

BNB T7 (USDT): 0x539A7296Ba53dC1Ecbe7e97Dd6f790D1569a5fbB
BNB C7 (USDC): 0xc77E204aCf9B514eAebA6Db02b9C8cc7dc181E2A
BNB test tokens faucet: https://faucet-beta.sat.is/bsc
BNB gas faucet: https://testnet.bnbchain.org/faucet-smart

Note 1: Each Ethereum address can only be funded once.
Note 2: Each Twitter account can only fund maximum of 2 addresses.

Please fill your Tweet Link here:

Transactions in progress......

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Polygon Transaction Hash:
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Avalanche Transaction Hash:
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C7 (USDC) transfer: NA

Optimism Transaction Hash:
T7 (USDT) transfer: NA
C7 (USDC) transfer: NA

OKC Transaction Hash:
T7 (USDT) transfer: NA
C7 (USDC) transfer: NA